Information Sheet for the Week on Agricultural Innovation in Africa (25th to 31st May 2013)

We are delighted that you will be taking part in the Week on Agricultural Innovation in Africa (WAIA) from 25th and 31st May 2013. Please find below some practical logistical information in regards to your participation in all the WAIA events:
  • International Workshop on Agricultural Innovation Systems in Africa (AISA)
  • Eastern Africa Farmer Innovation Fair (EAFIF)
  • Prolinnova International Partners Workshop (IPW)
  • Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG) meeting
  • International meeting of the JOLISAA Consortium (G3)
    • LINEX-CCA (Local Innovation and Experimentation for Climate-Change Adaptation) annual meeting
    • CLIC-SR (Combining Local Innovation Capacities with Scientific Research) annual meeting
    • CGIAR Challenge Programme on Water and Food (CPWF) writeshop on Innovation Platforms (IP)

We have a database of all the participants who have confirmed attendance to the various meetings and events during the WAIA. In addition, registration forms for the AISA workshop are being distributed by the members of that event’s organizing committee.
Identification badges and welcome bags will be available from the WAIA liaison officers on arrival (see Section 4 below). Security requirements mean that you will need your identification documents and badge to be allowed to attend the events.

Below are the venues for the various events during the WAIA:
CLIC-SR annual meeting
25 May 2013
Desmond Tutu Conference Centre, Nairobi Westlands (AACC)
LINEX-CCA annual meeting
25 May 2012
Desmond Tutu Conference Centre, Nairobi Westlands (AACC)
POG meeting
26 May 2013
Desmond Tutu Conference Centre, Nairobi Westlands (AACC)
JOLISAA Consortium final global meeting (G3)
26–28 May 2013
Desmond Tutu Conference Centre, Nairobi Westlands (AACC)
Prolinnova International Partners Workshop (IPW)
27–28 May 2013
Desmond Tutu Conference Centre, Nairobi Westlands (AACC)
Innovation Platforms writeshop
27–29 May 2013
International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) campus, Nairobi
Eastern African Farmer Innovation Fair (EAFIF)
28–29 May 2013
KARI National Laboratories, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi-Westlands,
International Workshop on Agricultural Innovation Systems in Africa (AISA)
29–31 May 2013
KCB Leadership Centre, Nairobi-Karen

4.Liaison officers
During the WAIA, the main contact persons for general information will be Teresiah Ng’ang’a (Prolinnova–Kenya), Amos Thiong’o (Agri-ProFocus Kenya), Makonge Righa (World Neighbors) and Dr. Geoffrey Kamau (KARI). Should you not be able to reach any of them, other members of the WAIA organizing committee (see Annex I) or the Prolinnova–Kenya Secretariat (see Annex II) will be able to direct or assist you accordingly.
Contact Person
CLIC-SR annual meeting
Makonge Righa (
LINEX-CCA annual meeting
Makonge Righa (
POG meeting
Chesha Wettasinha ( & Ann Waters-Bayer (
JOLISAA Consortium final global meeting (G3)
Bernard Triomphe (
Prolinnova International Partners Workshop (IPW)
Wim Hiemstra ( & Ann Waters-Bayer (
Innovation Platforms writeshop
Peter Ballantyne (
Eastern African Farmer Innovation Fair (EAFIF)
Amos Thiong’o (
International Workshop on Agricultural Innovation Systems in Africa (AISA)
Bernard Triomphe (

5.Accommodations and Food
All accommodations for the above events, except the Innovation Platforms writeshop, are being booked through Teresiah Ng'ang'a and Ann Gakio (see Annex II), who are members of the Prolinnova–Kenya Secretariat based in the KARI National Laboratories on Waiyaki Way in Nairobi Westlands. You will be accommodated at the same venue where the events you are attending will be held. With a couple of exceptions, those of you attending only the AISA workshop will be accommodated at KCB from the day of arrival to the day of departure.
The hotels will be booked according to the events you will be attending – and, of course, according to the time of your flight arrival and departure. Below are the hotels and the respective reservation groups that have been made for the various participants in WAIA events:
WAIA participants booked
Approx. cost
Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Leadership Centre (
  • AISA Workshop
EUR 75 full board
All African Council of Churches (AACC) Guesthouse
  • CLIC–SR coordination meeting
  • ProlinnovaIPW
  • JOLISAA meeting
  • POG meeting
  • LINEX–CCA coordination meeting
EUR 80 full board
African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI) Guesthouse (
  • East Africa Farmer Innovation Fair
See EAFIF Organisers

To arrange bookings, please do not contact the venues directly, rather,contact Teresiah Ng’ang’a or Ann Gakio.
For more information concerning accommodation packages offered by these hotels, their locations, how to get to the hotels or how to travel from the hotels to the various WAIA venues (if you miss the shuttle services), can contact Phillip Obiero (see Annex II) for guidance on logistical (especially) transport issues concerning these hotels and the aforementioned WAIA venues.
For sponsored participants, costs will be covered for full board and the conference package, as well as one time laundry.
For those participants staying at AACC on Wednesday, 29 May, can decide whether they want to take their lunch at AACC or at the EAFIF fairgrounds. Lunch is on your own costs at the fair (and also at AACC if you are self-sponsored).
Self-sponsored Nairobi-based participants will be asked to pay the conference package fee (about KSh 1800) for each day of the meeting(s) they attend. This fee includes lunch. There is no conference fee for attending the EAFIF.

Flight bookings
Teresiah Ng’ang’a and Ann Gakio are coordinating the flight bookings. If the WAIA office has arranged your flights, please contact one of them for any queries you may have. Self-sponsored participants will need to deal directly with their travel agencies.
Travel in Nairobi
International travelers will be picked up from the airport and brought back there by a service provider FcM Travel Solution. Everyone will be asked to sign a voucher for this service, and self-sponsored participants will be required to reimburse the WAIA organizing committee. As several passengers can sometimes be fetched at the same time, the average cost per trip will be lower than normal; it will be about KSh 1500. When you come out of customs, keep your eyes open for a meeting & assistance person who is wearing a light green shirt and is carrying a WAIA sign.
Shuttle buses between the venues will be provided by KARI; participants will not be asked for reimbursement for this service.
It is recommended that you take the taxi from the recommended service provider (FcM Travel Solution).

The WAIA will be conducted in English. However, in special instances like during discussions with the farmer innovators, interpretation will be done depending on the audience.

You are advised to be careful and avoid walking alone late at night. In case of any security issues, kindly contact Joseph Ole Karanja (KARI Security) on 4444140-44.

In Kenya the electricity voltage is 240 and a 3-pin plug is used, liked the one in the UK (square pins).

Be warned, in late May, Nairobi is usually rather cool (especially at night) and still rainy (see table below).
Coldest daily temp.
Average daily temp.
Warmest daily temp
Monthly rainfall (mm)

International Organizing Committee for AISA workshop
Adewale Adekunle, FARA
Alan Duncan, ILRI People, Livestock & Environment theme
Ann Waters-Bayer, ETC Foundation, Prolinnova International Support Team
Bernard Triomphe, CIRAD, JOLISAA Coordinator (Provisional Chair)
Geoffrey Kamau, KARI, JOLISAA-Kenya team coordinator
Joseph Mureithi, KARI Deputy Director
Laurens Klerkx, WUR Knowledge, Technology & Innovation Group/ Co-SIS/ SOLINSA
Luis Rodriguez, FSFIFS/ AusAID
Maren Radeny, CCAFS Eastern African Regional Programme
Patti Kristjanson, CCAFS Theme Leader Linking Knowledge with Action
Riikka Rajalahti, World Bank Senior Agricultural Specialis
Teresiah Ng’ang’a, JOLISAA-Kenya / Prolinnova-Kenya Coordinator
Wiebke Foerch, CCAFS Science Officer

Kenya-Based Organizing Committee for EAFIF
Amos Thiong’o, AgriProFocus (APF) Kenya
Anne Murangiri, Sustainable Agriculture Community Development Programme (SACDEP)
Bell Okello, International Center for Research on Women (NSC Chairman Prolinnova Kenya)
Eric Kisiangani, Practical Action
Mainza Mugoya & Robert Langat, Eastern African Farmers Federation (EAFF)
Pauline Mugendi, Land o’ Lakes Innovation Engine
Rahab Njoroge & Grace Kinyanjui, International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR)
Catherine Mungai, CCAFS Eastern African Regional Programme
Righa Makonge, World Neighbors (WN)
Teresiah Ng’ang’a, Prolinnova Kenya (Coordinator)
Prolinnova Kenya Secretariat
Teresiah Ng’ang’a 0720832072 (Overall Coordinator and Facilitator)
Amos Thiong’o ( 0733544046 (Coordinator and Event Management)
Juma Nicholas ( 0722740775 (Communication and Documentation)
Ann Gakio ( 0722373235 (Logistics)
Phillip Obiero ( 0712928890 (Logistics)
Mary Mwega ( 0727461436 (Finance/ Accounting)
Rachel Murugi ( 0707896982 (Social Media)