Week on Agricultural Innovation in Africa (WAIA)
25–31 May 2013, Nairobi

New uploads, reflections & resources (updated 20 May 2014 - see also reports & photos on EAFIF wikipage!):

* AISA workshop proceedings (FINAL)

* Policy brief on enhancing innovation by African smallholders, based on outcomes of JOLISAA project & AISA workshop discussions
* Report on AISA workshop process and discussions

* Report on Eastern Africa Farmer Innovation Fair

* Telling the Prolinnova story at Agrinatura Science Days
Susan Kaaria, FAO Senior Gender Officer and Co-Chair of the Prolinnova Oversight Group, represented Prolinnova at the Agrinatura Science Days “Growing together: family farming and agricultural sciences transforming world food systems” on 5–7 May 2014 in Vienna, Austria. The event was hosted by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in cooperation with Caritas Austria, the Austrian Development Agency, the Commission for Development Research and the Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation. In support to the International Year of Family Farming, it brought together researchers and practitioners concerned with smallholder farming and food security in exchange, learning, networking and exploring new research and higher education partnerships. Susan was a speaker in the panel discussion on small-scale family farming and, in a later session, told the story of transformative change brought about by promoting local innovation in the field, using an example of a women farmer from Uganda who exhibited her innovations at the EAFIF.
Susan at Agrinatura telling a Prolinnova Story.jpg
Susan at Agrinatura telling the Prolinnova story

* Social learning at EAFIF: article in Baobab Magazine: http://www.prolinnova.net/sites/default/files/documents/Kenya/2013/baobab68_15102013_05extract.pdf

* Semaine de l'innovation agricole en Afrique (par Djibril Thiam, Coordinateur PROFEIS-Sénégal)

* Photos by the KARI photographer: http://prolinnova.net/image/image-galleries/eafif-farmer-photos

* Reflections on agricultural innovation in Africa: its scalability and youths (by Maxwell Mkondiwa): http://ypard.net/2013-june-18/reflections-agricultural-innovation-africa-its-scalability-and-youths

* Fair and workshop recognising farmer innovation in Eastern Africa

* Agricultural innovation systems in Africa: reflections on an international workshop (by Jo Cadilhon): ILRI blogpost from the AISA Workshop

* Impressions of Sonali Bisht from Prolinnova-India:

* PARASITE project blog by Marc Schut http://www.parasite-project.org/week-of-agricultural-innovation-in-africa/

See also reports and photos under http://aisa2013.wikispaces.com/farmer+fair

The EU-funded project JOLISAA (JOint Learning in Innovation Systems in African Agriculture) coordinated by CIRAD, France; the Prolinnova (PROmoting Local INNOVAtion in ecologically oriented agriculture and resource management) international network hosted by ETC Foundation, Netherlands; the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS); the AusAID-funded project Food System Innovation for Food Security (FSIFS) and other partners are jointly learning about approaches to enhance knowledge-to-action linkages among actors in agricultural innovation systems in Africa.

Together, they held an Workshop on Agricultural Innovation Systems in Africa (AISA), where experiences from various institutions and initiatives were shared in order to increase our understanding of multi-stakeholder innovation processes in agriculture, with a focus on recognising the role of smallholder farmers – both men and women – in innovation. The workshop led to identification of key messages for research, practice and policy to strengthen innovation processes in smallholder agriculture.

To set the scene for the international workshop and to put smallholders front and centre from the very outset, the workshop was preceded by an Eastern Africa Farmer Innovation Fair to showcase the achievements of individual and groups of smallholder farmers in improving their farming and their livelihoods. The international workshop was officially opened on the final afternoon of the farmer innovation fair.

To maximise synergies and minimise costs in terms of travel and time and ecological footprint, several side meetings were organised, including: annual Prolinnova International Partners Workshop (IPW), the Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG) meeting and the final international meeting of the JOLISAA Consortium held back-to-back with the fair and workshop on agricultural innovation. Also the international coordination meetings of two Prolinnova initiatives – LINEX–CCA (Local Innovation and Experimentation: an entry point to Climate-Change Adaptation) in Asia funded by Misereor and CLIC–SR (Combining Local innovative Capacity with Scientific Research: strengthening community resilience to change) in eastern Africa funded by Rockefeller Foundation – were included in this series of events. The events were hosted by the Kenya Agriculture Research Institute (KARI), which coordinates JOLISAA-Kenya and also – together with World Neighbors – coordinates Prolinnova–Kenya.

Parallel to these events, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and the CGIAR Challenge Programme on Water and Food (CPWF) held a writeshop on Innovation Platforms (IP) to bring together the experiences of various international research centres and programmes with this approach.

Four-page announcement about this week of events:

Schedule of events
Day / date
Parallel activity / event
Parallel activity / event
Parallel activity / event
Sat 25 May
LINEX-CCA coordination meeting
CLIC-SR coordination meeting

Sun 26 May
POG meeting
JOLISAA Consortium meeting

Mon 27 May
Prolinnova IPW
JOLISAA Consortium meeting
ILRI/CPWF Innovation Platform writeshop
Tues 28 May
Prolinnova IPW
East Africa Farmer Innovation Fair
(open to public)
ILRI/CPWF Innovation Platform writeshop
Wed 29 May morning

East Africa Farmer Innovation Fair
(open to public)
ILRI/CPWF Innovation Platform writeshop
Wed 29 May afternoon
Opening: AISA international workshop
East Africa Farmer Innovation Fair
(closed to public)
ILRI/CPWF Innovation Platform writeshop
Thur 30 May
AISA international workshop

Fri 31 May
AISA International workshop

More detailed overview of the WAIA programme:

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